Words from Chris Page

When you stand on the mountain top you are able to see the infinite landscape in its entirety. When you view your mortal existence from the heightened perspective of Soul energy you are able to fully know who you truly are.

Most of us are held captive in this reality by our fears which present themselves in many guises. All of these fears are future based - the fear of potential pain, both physical and emotional, the fear of not feeling safe, the fear of our truth, our power and our abilities but most of all the fear of death. One way to release from these fears is to focus our energy and attention on each present moment. Celebrate the journey by knowing the power and magnificent energy within you. This is the truth and essence of who you are - the 99.999% Soul Energy which resides within you.

When I began living my life from this perspective it became magical. I was able to tap on the abundance all around me and create a new reality for myself beyond need, lack and despair. The world became a fertile playground and my senses became more attuned to nature. I began sensing the energy of animals and a greater sense of peace enveloped me.

Meditation is now a way of life for me as is healthy eating and a daily swim which together create a holistic package of serenity. The greatest love is within you, love is who you are and it survives death into eternity. Live this love, embrace this love and you will have no choice but to be this love.

My wish for all humans and especially for you reading these words, is that you begin a relationship with the truth and essence of who you are. Get to know the awesome Soul within you, start living your life from this perspective and know your power, strength and wisdom. Try not to do something to merely live but rather live to be who you truly are.

With Blessings and Love
Christopher Rory Page